Web Development

The website below is a space enthusiast blog that I created while in the New Media program at BCIT. I have continued to update it with various topics in science, technology, current events and futurism related aspects over the last two years.

Below you will find a responsive soccer website that I made. I came up with a fictional soccer club called Metro Vancouver Football Club. The aim of the club was to allow teams from outside their division region to play against each other. I came upon this idea as I spent many years playing soccer as a kid and later as a teenager but I noticed especially as a teen that we would only play teams from the following cities: Surrey, Coquitlam and Port Moody. I really wanted to play teams from cities such as Richmond, Vancouver and Burnaby and was disappointed that we never got the chance to. That’s why I came up with the idea of this fictional soccer club.

The development process for the website was largely content driven as I used what I learned about media queries and my previous knowledge of HTML and CSS to bring my content to life. I had a heavy focus on images as well as making sure this website was responsive (this was my first time making a responsive website). The process also involved making adjustments to my code as I went along. This project taught me patience with troubleshooting code as well as giving me a better understanding of media queries. Below you will find a link to the website.

Below you will see a promotional website I made for a fictional video game entitled: Atomic Ascension: First Contact. I created both a cinematic trailer and launch trailer for this project. I also created a 3 series poster to supplement the marketing campaign for this website as well as a vast array of social media tools. Instagram was by far the platform that I had the largest audience for in terms of social networking. I really enjoyed making the music for the launch trailer of this fictional video game proposal project.

I have also made a website regarding artificial intelligence about a company called Infinity AI. It's a fictional company that I came up with and comes with css grids and other interesting features. I have long had an interest in artificial intelligence in regards to science fiction and the ever increasing deployment of personal assistants in real life.