The Journey

The concept for this videogame has been in development for several years. In the actual game you will be able to travel across a wide array of star systems and unlike other games you will be able to land on 50% of the planets and do some sort of side quest. This is a departure from many games currently in the market that have large swaths of star systems unexplorable on foot by your squad. Real time weather changes with a particle engine will be used as well as a 24 hour clock cycling through different times of the day. News and politics will be impacted by every choice you make as captain of the starship Antwerp. You will interact with various civilian, military and sceientific leaders in the galaxy both human and alien while uncovering a lethal threat to galactic government and its citizens.

The Environment

Lush planets with a wide array of vegetation, animals and marine life encompass most planets surfaces. In a few cases you may have to put on a helmet to traverse amongst a toxic planetary environment. If food runs low on your ship and you are low on credits you can also hunt for food as well as mine a planet for resources. With a dyanmic in game engine both friend and foe alike will respond to every tactic that you unleash with your squad of 5 NPC characters. Environments are effected by weapons such as a crater forming after a rocket launcher is released. Natural events such as trees falling or a hurricane can occur as well depending upon which natural disaster danger zone that you fall upon in a planet. Inside the ship you will find stations to upgrade your weapons, a dining area to give your character some fuel for the next campaign and a captains quarter for your character to get some much needed sleep. You build rapport with your team as you talk to them and get to know them.

Promotional material

A live action trailer as well as a cinematic trailer are due to be released soon on this website as well as a 3 series poster and accompanying social media campaigns. We are also releasing limited edition soundtracks for the game as well as signed copies of the videogame from the voice of Captain Wilson. Also with the limited edition version of the video game you will receive a particle assault rifle that will help you defeat your most powerful foes in the main story of Atomic Ascension

The Experience

This game was made natively in 4K clocking in at 60FPS for a stunning visual experience. A deep emotionally gripping storyline awaits as humanity finally discovers aliens in the year 2055. Soon after this discovery however military officials on Earth learn that all the satellites investigating alien planets have been shot down. To investigate governments around the world commit to establishing a starship fleet to send beyond the solar system. To lead the venture Captain Wilson is selected to lead the ships with the state of the art spaceship: The Antwerp.


With unique indepth storytelling, Atomic Ascension aims to be a profound epiphany in the realm of science fiction video games. There are multiple interesting side quests as well as a robust main storyline. The main story has all the essential ingredients in an epic science fiction tale: action, travel to distant star systems, exploration and shore leave quests. Verbal responses from your character can be chosen from a wide perspective of emotional and intellectual thought ranging from sheer anger to cunning logic. Side quest story arcs as well as the main story will continue into future games and the choices you make will be saved with your user account. This game will have a large team of writers working together with one cohesive vision: to make the most engaging stories in the science fiction video game genre.

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