Graphic Design

I started the New Media Design and Web Development program at BCIT with some prior knowledge of Flash and Photoshop, two programs that I learned in high school. In term 1 the course entitled Photoshop CS was relatively easy for me but I did learn some new things in the process. Of particular note was learning to use 3D which I never learned in high school.

Illustrator was a challenge for me to learn but after many hours of time spent after class practicing and improving my projects I have now come to appreciate how versatile a tool Illustrator is. I am also proud of how I have an in-depth understanding of the program as I initially had very little knowledge of the program as I had only used it about 5 or 6 times in high school.

Below you will find a Canada Day greeting card that I made in Illustrator as well as a vector portrait. The greeting card was enjoyable to make as I loved implementing new tools that were taught in the course Illustrator CS. I am most proud of my vector portrait however as I spent countless hours making it and got a good result after completing the assignment. You can find both of these projects below.

Graphic Design Work

Vector Portrait

a vector portrait of Dilraj Dosanjh

Greeting Card

a politicized Canada day greeting card created by Dilraj Dosanjh