Term 1 and 2 Advice

In this blog, I will give some in-depth advice about the New Media and Web Development program at BCIT. In this entry, I want to talk about term 1 and 2 as I have finished those terms and could provide some advice on this matter.

Term 1 is largely exam based and an introduction to the program as a whole. In your first few days you will take Intro to BCIT Resources and Mac which is a pass/fail course in which all you have to do is answer some questions the instructor puts and you will pass. The first 4-5 weeks is relatively easy and light in terms of homework, things really start to pick up at the week 6 mark however. Quizzes start to take place and assignments start piling up. I would recommend doing some extra reading and review before things start getting hard in order to make life easier for yourself later on. Starting final projects early is also a good idea as you will often find that there never is enough time when it comes to this kind of stuff. Term 1 has the most exams: I had 4 and it may vary depending on who your instructors are. Always make additional supplemental notes during class and consider screen recording lessons in classes where instructors do not provide screen recordings themselves.

In regard to term 2 it is largely assignment based. The difficulty of the term is also increased in comparison with term 1. Creating video and audio content will take up a lot of your time so I would advise future students and students that are currently in term 1 and 2 to make ample time for recording video and audio. Web Scripting 1 is also a step up from Overview of Web Technologies and involves JavaScript so I would prepare for this by reading books on this scripting language ahead of time.

I will post more about this program as I finish different aspects of it. For now, I hope you found this term 1 and 2 advice post informative.

Term 3 and 4 Advice

Term 3 consists of a few exams, and lots of portfolio work. If you intend on becoming a web developer I suggest hand coding most of your website as that will be beneficial when potential employers evaluate your portfolio and decide whether or not to hire you when you have completed the program. Project Management is a rigourous course so I would suggest studying a lot for that particular course. Advanced Photoshop and Illustrator also will cover many new methods of creating artwork, the level of intensity of this class also increases from the prior classes of Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS respectively.

Term 4 consists of one exam based on my recollection and the course for that exam entitled Web Marketing will also have a lot of material to cover. But if you apply the methodologies and SEO techniques in this class it will work wonders for both your portfolio website and for yourself in the real world. Searching for practicum opportunities is time consuming but it feels good when you finally secure one for yourself. LinkedIn is a good resource for finding opportunities as you can quickly find out which companies are active in hiring BCIT graduates by looking at LinkedIn portfolios of former graduates of this program, there are some companies that would be glad to have an extra helping hand during the time of your practicum.