Visual Effects Projects and Assignments

After Effects opens a whole new world of opportunities when it comes to digital media. The tutorials taught in my Visual Effects class have been very insightful and useful for me. I particularly liked the concept of the Myth Busters Animation project where my class learned about things such as the puppet pin tool.

One assignment that I made was an introduction bumper for a fictional travel company called Sea to Sky Tours. My idea was to have puzzle pieces move into place and form a completed puzzle of a map of the world within a few seconds. I then cut to footage of different aspects of Stanley Park. I added some music from GarageBand that I felt suited the footage and I came up with the result posted further down this webpage.

Project A for my Visual Effects course involved creating a Mythbusters Animation that I mentioned earlier. I chose to do a myth based on the premise: “Do Twinkies ever expire”? I came up with this idea after realizing that many T.V shows talk about this subject in the context of a nuclear war and Twinkies somehow managing to survive a brutal catastrophe such as this. The process involved coming up with an interesting script (I always love making scripts), recording my voiceover, using tools such as position, scale opacity etc. and using things such as scripts to make the clock move rapidly in a clockwise direction. I thoroughly enjoyed making this video and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it.

Please note that due to YouTube embedding limitations, viewing the high quality versions of the following videos (on mobile phones) will require opening up the video link thereby directing you to YouTube directly. YouTube has dropped HD embedding support for mobile phones in the last few years, and it is unlikely that they will restore that previously existing functionality.

Sea to Sky Tours Intro Bumper

Twinkie Mythbusters Parody