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My name is Dilraj Dosanjh and I have finished the April 2017 intake of the New Media Design and Web Development program at BCIT as of April 2018. As of 2019, I am a Web Developer with industry experience, specializing in Front-End Web Development. I particularly like working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I also have skills in PHP, MySQL, MySQLi and SASS. Have a look at my website: in it you will find content displaying my primary skills in Web Development, Graphic Design and content creation. This website is hand coded, with no reliance on a Content Management System such as WordPress (although I have worked on WordPress websites as well). You will also find other things I am interested in such as Visual Effects and Information Architecture. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my contact form. I am also regularly active on LinkedIn, so feel free to contact me through that platform. Furthermore, on that platform you will find more details about myself such as when I took the New Media program at BCIT and my work experience.

On a different note, (I think this bit here will be useful to those thinking of entering this industry), the road to becoming a Web Developer involves problem solving skills, troubleshooting and creative expression. Learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP etc. is much like learning a new language. In fact, it can be seen as more than that, it is a new way of thinking, you've got to learn how to read and write code intricately and it isn't as simple as gradually learning the spelling, syntax and grammar of a new language. There will be many times where you will need to find a solution to a problem and it will rely upon your ability to problem solve, troubleshoot and in some cases express yourself creatively. Close collaboration as well as complete independent work are both common in this industry, so being able to deal with both situations is paramount to successfully navigating this dynamic industry. Learning your fundamental skills are important but finding new and innovative ways of accomplishing things in an ever-changing industry is also important. So, if you are new to New Media or the Web Development industry, have a look around this website and see which aspects of New Media interest you. Yours truly,

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