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Dilraj Dosanjh is a New Media Design and Web Development graduate from BCIT. Dilraj has a profound passion for front end web development specifically developing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery based websites. While working as a web developer Dilraj has a goal of long term knowledge acquisition and professional development while having short term goals of finishing each project to the best of his ability. The world of web development first presented itself to Dilraj in the form of HTML and CSS while in high school and later manifested itself into a self-learning environment of video tutorials and library books post high school, specifically in the year prior to the New Media Design and Web Development program. Post-graduation he intends to find an intriguing and satisfying job in the web development industry.

To Dilraj, functionality is one of the most integral items to consider when developing websites. In terms of volunteer work; Dilraj contributed extensively to the yearbook club at L.A Matheson Secondary helping design the grade twelve graduation section of the yearbook in his grade eleven school year. Dilraj also received an English eleven and Social studies eleven department award while at L.A Matheson Secondary. In his spare time, he likes watching and reading about history and science fiction related topics.