Information Architecture Projects and Assignments

I think that Information Architecture is a crucial precursor course prior to learning web scripting. I say this because I learned so much about the logistics of making a website that I couldn’t fathom how someone would make a website without knowing things such as: global navigation, local navigation and contextual navigation, for example.

Our program head taught this course to us and he provided many great insights into Information Architecture; something I hadn’t even heard of prior to taking the New Media Design and Web Development program at BCIT. We spent a significant amount of time analyzing websites and looking at why companies chose to do certain things and not other things. We also prepared many reports. I particularly enjoyed making my final term project report on a company named Ten Four Trucking. I knew little about the trucking industry prior to making this report but from looking at their website and asking questions to a family friend who gave me permission to do a report on the company that he works for I became quite knowledgeable about the trucking industry.

This course was very satisfying to take and I performed quite well in it from a grading perspective. The lesson notes were also top notch. Information Architecture is really everywhere such as in different organization systems such as your digital television guide. There was also some insight in this course with regards to the early history of Internet Protocols such as the Gopher Protocol, the predecessor to the World Wide Web.