Design Esthetics

Design Esthetics was an interesting course. What I enjoyed in particular was learning how to essentially make a magazine on your own with MagPlus, a plugin for InDesign. With this tool you can easily export your magazine onto a mobile phone or tablet. I also learned how to create a restaurant menu as well as a newsletter. I loved creating the restaurant menu as I can see that this is something that I could make for a company or client. My restaurant menu was for a fictional Italian restaurant and I loved learning about Italian cuisine. I particularly learned more about Italian food other than the stereotypical “pizza, pasta and spaghetti”. This assignment was completed in InDesign as well as Photoshop for the front and back menu design. The inside of the menu was created with an IPad.

Below you will find the restaurant menu that I created. Researching Italian food took a significant amount of time as I wanted to delve into foods that many have never heard of. I also wanted to showcase the history of Italy with a picture of a statue of Leonardo Da Vinci as well as images of the Roman Colosseum. I masked these with a background of a heavenly sky in order to imply the significance of these pieces of work.

Below you will find a link to a PDF version of the restaurant menu that I created.